Holiday Centerpiece

Not sure where this one originated. It was posted on CBID Home Decor & Design, but I think it came from somewhere else.
Are cute as her pedestals are, they weren't cheap enough.

What I used was wooden napkin rings & wooden candlesticks. They are sold at Hobby Lobby in the wood craft dept. They each come in bags of 6. To get the 3 levels: Tall- I put 2 napkin rings below the candlestick, Middle- 1 napkin ring, Short- just the candlestick.
At the dollar store I bought a pack of 8 fancy plastic disposable plates. Using E6000 I glued the levels together & sprayed them white.

The squares I made with green foam floral squares. I used my miter saw to size them how I wanted, BUT I will go back & cut the candy one slightly smaller & remake it.  This is for 2 reasons. I want the same amt of candy on each side, 3x3 & it would have meant gaps if I did 3x3 on this, but 4x4 was too much. Secondly, the size of the candies gave it a bulky look. It looks bigger than the other 2, so making it slightly smaller will be more visually appealing, I think.

The other 2 squares are rose pedals & red fuzzy yarn. Also from Hobby Lobby, but bring your coupon. They will each make about 6 sets, but much to pricy for just one.

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